Fundraising For World Vision Sends Staff Off The Deep End.


For 844 million people around the world, safe drinking water is out of reach. Children have to walk outrageous distances every day to collect water, water that is extremely dangerous to drink, carrying potentially fatal water-borne disease. Understandably for these children, collecting water to survive takes priority over an education, meaning it is often impossible for them to go to school.

Abbotsleigh’s World Vision club is participating in the Global 6k for Water in Lane Cove on Sunday May 5 of next term. The Global 6k for Water is a World Vision event aimed at raising funds for the 844 million people around the world who cannot access safe drinking water. 

In order to raise funds for Abbotsleigh’s Global 6k for Water team, World Vision held the first inaugural Abbotsleigh Staff Synchronised swimming competition. It was shocking, breathtaking, hilarious and any other words that comes to mind when you hear ‘staff synchronised swimming’. Departments competed head to head and were briefed that they could choreograph any routine, to music, in any costume, with any theme and the results were mind-blowing. Themes included superheroes, jaws, the golden age, the shallow and movie-mash, routines varied from attempts at synchronised swimming to jumping in the pool and going for a paddle. The social sciences team reigned victorious which a hysterical routine (involving every member of the department!) to the theme of jaws.  Entrance was a gold coin donation and in combination with a stall at the cross-country carnival the following day, we raised more than $1000! The money raised was far beyond our expectations and will go towards an incredible cause.

A huge thank you goes the legendary teachers who participated, especially during such a busy period in term. The amount of effort that each department put into their routine was amazing and we really appreciate their willingness to jump in the pool in front of the entire school! 


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