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To celebrate this year’s book week theme, Escape to Everywhere, the Betty Archdale Library staff organised an Escape Room as a fun, collaborative, problem solving challenge for students across the Senior School.

The back story for the Escape Room involved a fictitious Latin teacher from Abbotsleigh’s past, named Prof. Izzy Quattuor (four), who had placed an ancient curse on the Library Teaching Room, because she was unhappy that it was not renamed the Latin Teaching Room. She mysteriously disappeared from the school, but vowed in Latin 'Reveniam' (I will return!)




And return, she did! We set up the LTR as our dark and creepy Escape Room, with four challenges/puzzles for groups of four students to solve in a 10 minute time limit. They had to brave the Tunnel of Terror, finding a key to unlock a box, which gave them the next cryptic clue. Other challenges/puzzles involved more locked boxes, invisible ink messages, finding the odd one out, constructing a light to help them find their way, and casting their own spell to lift the curse and unlock the door.


Escape Room IMG_8198-WEB




Generally, the aim of our Escape Room was to do something a little different in the library, and  generating  some fun, intrigue and excitement along the way. We’ve had an overwhelming response from students, with all recess and lunch times booked out by teams very early on. It’s been so popular, that we are running the Escape Room for a second week.

Feedback from students who braved the Escape Room has been very positive and whilst not every group has managed to escape within 10 minutes, everyone has had a lot of fun. So far the best time has been an amazing 6mins and 40secs from a Year 11 team, but there is still one more week for teams to break the Escape Room record.


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