Boarders Sharing Drought Experiences with Year 5


During the week Annabelle Campbell and Phoebe Harris, two Year 11 boarders, came to share their experience of the ongoing drought in their rural communities with the Year 5 girls. They shared the direct effects of the drought, such as water shortages, lack of food and water for livestock, and failed crops. They also informed Year 5 about the indirect effects on the farmers, local communities, shops owners and us in urban areas as well. This forms part of the Year 5 cross curriculum unit on Droughts. In Science and Geography the girls have investigated what the environmental, social and economic impacts are on people and communities.

Annabelle and Phoebe posed thought provoking information which encouraged the girls to take some action of their own. Understanding the realities and empathising with the farming communities, the girls thought about ways they can support farmers by buying Australian made products and being water wise. Annabelle and Phoebe also facilitated an opportunity for the girls to enact their understanding by creating posters to stick around the Junior School to generate awareness among all students.

We give our sincerest thanks to Phoebe and Annabelle for this valuable experience – a lovely example of our Abbotsleigh community sharing in knowledge and understanding. 


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