AOGU 110th Anniversary Grant Program


One of the best things about our ever connected world is that we get to hear more from our wonderful Old Girl community; to see triumphs and achievements and hear about their plans. In our 110th year of building meaningful connections we felt it was a perfect time to launch the AOGU 110th Anniversary Grant Program

The Grant(s) will be awarded to an Old Girl who has demonstrated herself to be a contributory member of the community engendering a positive influence by her involvement through qualities such as integrity, respect, courage, compassion and perseverance. 

These criteria reflect the Abbotsleigh values. They are wide and all encompassing. Each application will be judged on merit within the framework of Abbotsleigh's vision for its girls. 

This is a brand new concept for us, where we will award grants to Old Girls to help them pursue worthwhile endeavours across a range of activities.  

We want to be part of lifting up women who dare to dream and have hopes to improve our future. Our plan is that these grants and the awareness we can bring to the activities they support will help our Old Girls continue to achieve great things, on both a small and large scale.  

If you know of an Abbotsleigh Old Girl who is undertaking a worthwhile activity and could use some additional funding, check out the full terms and conditions on our website for eligibility criteria and the application process. We would love to hear from you! 

Please note that AOGU 110th Anniversary Grants will be awarded annually for amounts between AUD$1,000-$5,000, once only per recipient. 


Please apply for the grants by completing the form below. Applications must be received by Friday 2 November 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact the Grant Committee at

Terms and Conditions



Application Form



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