Abbotsleigh's Unity Project



The Abbotsleigh Unity Project was inspired by a similar American project which you can view here. 

The idea is to create a visual of the Prefect theme that we’ve been implementing throughout the year, Together we are Better. 




There are 16 poles each with different identifiers such as “I enjoy sports” “I speak more than one language” “I am an only child”, and each girl has taken a ball of yarn from the pole in the centre and wrapped their way around each pole they identify with before returning to the centre at the end. 

Students have been coming at recess and lunch times, and as they have wrapped their way around, girls from different year groups have helped one another with their string, bumped into one another and even had a bit of a dance with one another, creating a real sense of the community at Abbotsleigh. 






When you look at the completed structure, each string represents a different individual, but when you take a step back, the strings form something like a tapestry which becomes an incredible representation of the notion of unity in diversity


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