Try a day in the Junior School

Girls wishing to start at Abbotsleigh in Year 5 are initially waitlisted and are then invited to spend a day at Abbotsleigh. This provides an opportunity for your daughter to see the School and spend an engaging day  interacting with other students in her age group.

What happens on the day?

 Prior to your daughter's visit, you will be contacted to ensure that she brings any specific equipment required, such as an art smock or sport uniform. Your daughter will be partnered with 'buddies' throughout the day to ensure that she feels welcomed and included. If your daughter knows a current student, she will be assisted in meeting up with her.

During this day, your daughter will be given an assessment task. Alternately, your daughter may attend an entrance test from Year 3 onwards.

Please contact the Registrar to request a try day for your daughter.