Junior School
‚Äčjuniorschool-2.jpgWhen young children start school, they bring an innate sense of curiosity, wonder and excitement. These powerful attributes, when complemented with our educational programs and facilities, allow each student to achieve remarkable outcomes.
Learning in the Junior School is focused on building strong foundations in literacy and numeracy, supplemented by engaging programs in subject areas such as science, music, languages, art and physical education. The holistic development of each child is paramount.
Our innovative, differentiated teaching practices and academic care ensure the best educational outcomes for all students.
Every girl is challenged and stimulated in her learning journey by Classroom and Specialist teachers, who work to tailor classes to individual needs. The approach to learning in the Junior School is further enhanced by our state of the art facilities.
Our learning environment offers:
  • A culture that appreciates and values intellectual rigour, creative thinking and diversity
  • A climate of academic care where the pastoral and learning needs of each student are paramount
  • Small class sizes
  • A supportive Christian context in which girls from a young age can grow their knowledge of the Bible and sense of faith
  • A fun atmosphere where experiential learning finds girls engaged, motivated and self directed in their learning
  • Expansive architecturally designed class and specialist learning facilities
  • Open outdoor spaces for play and sporting activities
Innovation and understanding
To educate young and inquiring minds to the highest standards, strong foundations in literacy and numeracy must be coupled with opportunities to learn by doing, experiencing and applying new skills.
Our experiential learning approach draws elements from the Reggio Emilia philosophy of early learning that recognises the importance of the voice of the child. This philosophy focuses on learning through experiencing, exploring and interacting and acknowledges that the physical environment plays an important part in education.
The academic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of each girl are cared for by the classroom teacher. Classroom teachers are supported by a range of highly experienced Specialist staff, who frequently work in the classroom with the classroom teacher to create an engaging environment.
Stimulating environments
Our physical environment has a profound impact on our capacity to learn, access information and facilitate social interaction. Our adaptable classrooms are architecturally designed, technology rich and light filled. These spaces enable differentiated teaching practices, flexible groupings of students and shared learning areas. Ample and easily accessible storage, internal student lockers and quiet teacher workspaces ensure the academic care needs of students and staff are met.
Specialist teaching areas facilitate experimentation, creating and learning in music, the arts, science and information literacy. Outside, there is room to run, explore, play, invent and imagine, with everything from cubby areas and reflective gardens to a sports oval and outdoor pool.